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Pendragon is a romantic, action movie for the entire family. King Arthur is the Arthur of legend, a strong, fair leader. Pendragon has the chivalry of "Ivanhoe" with Robert Taylor, the swashbuckling of Errol Flynn in "Robin Hood", and the reality of "Braveheart" with Mel Gibson.

Our hero is Marlin Ambrose, a mid-thirties disenchanted son of a rich man.
What makes the story unique is after the lightning bolt sends Marlin back to 500 AD he doesn't find himself at a great advantage. He can't make a gun. He can't build a car. He doesn't know how to generate electricity. Marlin can do nothing more than you or me. He has only his wits to survive.

At first he is captured by King Arthur's men and hung like a tree ornament on a big oak. Luckily, Sir Kay, King Arthur's half-brother, a crusty old knight, rides by the tree and asks his name. Marlin, parched from a day hanging in the sun, mutters, "Marlin". Sir Kay hears "Merlin" and proclaims him to be Merlin, a priest of Avalon, send back to help Arthur unite all Britain. Faced with the choices of "bird feeder" or "Merlin" Marlin opts for Merlin. He is not the spell-casting, magician of legend.

Filled with adventure, romance and humor Marlin becomes the Merlin of Camelot, chief counselor to King Arthur Pendragon, High King of all Britain and returns back to our time to fulfill his destiny.


Aloysius Ambrose plots his son Marlin's political rise to power. Marlin, disillusioned by the corruption of today's leadership, rejects his father's master plan and pursues a bohemian life. One stormy night, a lightning bolt sends Marlin back to Camelot where he learns the true essence of leadership from King Arthur Pendragon.


The world needs strong leaders to survive. From where do the leaders of tomorrow come? How are they trained? This is the tale of one man's apprenticeship.

Aloysius Ambrose, a wealthy industrialist from Avalon Connecticut, has two sons, Marshall and Marlin. In Kennedyesque fashion, Mr. Ambrose is grooming Marshall for Congress, then the Senate, and ultimately, President of the United States. Marlin is ill groomed and has taken the path which will make him the next President of a local Hell's Angels Chapter.

Fleeing thugs on a thunderous, stormy night, Marlin is trapped on a New York City Westside pier. His only hope of escape is a 25 yard leap over water to an adjacent pier, a miraculous jump at best. Marlin lowers his visor, revs his Harley Davidson full throttle, and rockets to the edge. He soars high over the water. Halfway over, at the highest point, an enormous bolt of lighting strikes the handle-bars.

Pendragon, follows Marlin and his Harley back to King Arthur Pendragon's Court, where his destiny awaits him.



Steve McGraw's teleplay "Miles from Nowhere", an autobiographical family drama, was produced by New World International, and starred Rick Schroder and James Farentino. It first aired on CBS, and won a Christopher Award for writing. The story was also published by William Morrow as a novel called "Totaled." His screenplay, "Pendragon", won in the action/adventure category at The Breckenridge Film Festival. His most recent script, "Jimmy Nolan" is in pre-production. It will be directed by Jeff McCracken, produced by Matt Salinger.

Steve has presented some of Off-Broadway's longest running hits at his cabaret theatre in Manhattan including "Forbidden Broadway" and "Forever Plaid". He is the producer of Frank and Malachy McCourt's comedy, "A Couple of Blaguards" which is now touring internationally.

Steve is a graduate of Notre Dame University.


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